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Tuesday April 10th

Been a hard few months, work not much fun but years moving on quick and summer will be here soon so hopefully moods will lift...

Just caught up on some photo uploads so if fancy a nose look at the column to the right - my photos.  Hope doesnt' bore you too much.



2012, Twenty Twelve, whichever way you choose to say it!  Where have the years gone.....amazing.  Where is my life going.  Cannot believe I have not updated this site since August.  At the risk of boring you all to death decided not to upload everything and photos since then, start again 2012 I think. 

Had new year in Andorra which was good but more low key than past years, still better than being in the UK though.  Back to work, reality and lots of study...

But, away again for another ski trip in a few weeks so looking forward to that!

Hope you are all well


Sunday 7 August 2011

Been a while again hasnt it.  Trying to think what's gone on in the last month or so.  Let's see, well, Little Sid was neutered (Poor little mite) and did seem a little bit crazy on return - not sure if angry at us or just really pleased to be home but was a little 'skitso' for a while but seems well now.  Matt and I reached our 13 year anniversary - celebrated with a few drinks and a meal at the Tapas restaurant Horley... Enjoyed a very relaxing day at Alexandra House for a spa day with a good friend, with a back massage (Which wasn't quite the chilled experience promised as seems my back is full of knots - no surprise there really), nice lunch and chill out.  Spent a few days in Devon visiting my parents and actually had some sun for a few hours!

Friday 15th July we joined a friend for birthday celebrations at the beer festival Brighton and on the Saturday another birthday celebration (50th this time) in Crawley

22nd July Matt and I went to the local RedFest which, although very intimate (Small) we both enjoyed.  No big names, up and coming band, fairly young crowd but nice easy festival experience (Camped 2 nights) and would definately go again.  Nice way to spend a few days.

Last weekend had a night out in Reigate which made a change, really nice meal, good company and good music in the Whispers club.

Now into August already...where is this year going...

Kittens are doing great, gradually letting them have more freedom but have to confess to finding that a bit hard (Scared to let them out incase something bad happens to them but guess will have to let go eventually!)

Looking forward to a week off end August but no plans set in stone yet but hopefully out and about.

Hope you all well


Saturday 25 June

Weather is pretty dismal, just in time for Glastonbury and Wimbledon.  Shame....We are going to Basingstoke later today to celebrate a birthday, they had hoped for a BBQ, not sure that will happen!

Plain White Ts at the 100 Club where brilliant - nice intimate venue.  Not many there, guess as American band and not that well known UK yet, but made it nicer for us. 

Work isnt much improved, infact getting more depressing by the day but what can I do.....suffering with spinning headaches for near on two weeks now so not been doing too much - even struggling with the odd alcoholic drink, unheard of, will have to fix that soon.

Rumour has it all due to stress so guess just best get out there and have some more fun!!!

Week off work soon - thankfully.

Take care all


Monday 13 June

Not feeling great today - think I caught a bit of a bug over in France, but rumour is only a 24hr thing so hopefully will be ok 2morrow asgot tickets for Matt to go see Plain White T's at the 100 club so a long day!

Another busy eek just gone by - not all good.  Mostly bad  work is pushing the limits but the weekend was good with a trip to the 24hr le mans (France).  6 of us drove over, with the ferry, in the early hours of Saturday, back late yesterday.

Had some dramas and not as smooth flowing or relaxing as the last time but fun all the same (photos to follow)

Was glad to have the extra day to recover today especially with the dodgy tum, which seems to be atching as my porr little Sid seems to have a little sickness bug too .. what a pair.

Back to work tomorrow - wish I'd booked the extra day now (Lots spare hol) but hey ho at least something to look forward at the end of the day.

Have a good week all


Sunday 5 June

Another long hard week at work....glad its the weekend at so can relax.  Yesterday had a long day celebrating Matt's birthday tomorrow.  We went to croydon for drinks, starting with the England game in the pub, food and the Mike Dobie.   Good mixed crowd, some more joining us for the music later on.....

Lazy day today.



Sunday 22 May 2011

Been a hard stressful week, was nice to have a few days where I didnt have to think about work - not much fun at the moment....

Nice relaxed weekend with laughs from the kittens amongst today spent at Banger Racing Smallfield, which I enjoyed as always albeit a bit cold today (Rain shower and stong winds!!!).

Kittens went outside for their first time this afternoon (On leads !!!) Very entertaining - poor little things - thing the extension to their world was a bit of a shock.

Roll on next weekend - 3 days off!!!

Sunday 15 May 2011

Wow - cannot believe I havent updated my site since end of January.  Where has the time gone.  Let's think whats gone on in the last 3 months....

Finally got my teeth sorted - root canal done, all clean and feel like I have a nice new mouth....justs need to make sure I keep it this way.

Another birthday has passed by, which I really enjoyed by spending the day in London with Matt.  We went to see Billy Elliott at the theatre and spent the evening in a blue bar.  Very enjoyable. The main event being on the 25 March when we collected, now well settled, Sid and Nancy - our two new additions to the family.  Two adorable kittens. Our lives seems more complicated but they are a pleasure to have, so full of energy, love and fun.  Very entertaining but big change - really not used to being responsible for anyone other than myself (Will upload some photos)

Enjoyed all the bank holidays during April although made the full weeks at work difficult. Work is very busy and a little stressful, never seems to be any breathing time and come home worn out a lot of the time. Still busy trying to get fit with the gym and classes and even managed the odd little run now and again.

Looking forward to a trip to France (24hr Le Mans) next month...but otherwise nothing much planned.



Sunday 30 January 2011

Cannot believe January is nearly over already - looks like gonna be another 'speedy' year....

Few more nights out for birthdays or get-to-gethers otherwise pretty steady quite month.

Having root canal dentist treatment tomorrow - not looking forward to that at all!!!! Hope doesnt hurt too much - bit of a wimp when it comes to pain.

VERY VERY cold now - good time to stay indoor.

Take care all


Sunday Jan 16 2011

Everything almost back to normal.  I hate January - always seems a slow depressing start....

We had a great time away skiing although we did have some illness with me not well one day and coughing all week, Matt ill one day and Arnie three (Missing NYE) so a massive shame but otherwise snow was great, company was good and new year was fab as always (See the pictures on photo link)

Had a long journey home, near on 20 hours, think next year we need to travel a different day to the rest of the world!

Quite start to 2011.  Work very quite - had a few nights out to see local bands which have been good but otherwise nothing much occurring.

Hope you are all well






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